Peter Dinklage Net Worth: Cars, Money, Fame, Life

Peter Dinklage Net Worth

Hello, readers your wish is our command and hence, we are bringing you a topic that is not just informative and inspiring. And the person we are talking about is Peter Dinklage, here we are going to talk about his net worth. So stick with us as would cover everything.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth shows how rich he is but first let us know about his life from the intro, so it can give a better idea. It was a bright day on 11 June 1969 in Morristown, New Jersey, United States, when Peter was born, making his nationality American. Gemini is the zodiac sign of a Hollywood actor.  Many do feel that people with the Gemini zodiac sign is insightful and attentive. The full name of the celeb is Peter Hayden Dinklage.

As he was born on 11 June 1969, the age of Peter is 54 years old as of 2023. His father and mother were working professionals. Hence, it makes Peter Dinklage net worth great knowing as he is a first-generation famous personality. This does reflect how hard would it be for Dinklage to make an impact at best.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth – How Rich is the Hollywood Celeb

Peter Dinklage is an example of hard work and he is a very rich personality. According to many credible sources, Peter Dinklage Net Worth is estimated at around $30 million. He has gained all this money from her active skills. If you do not know, Peter is a skilled American film, television and stage actor. His stage acting is something that fits him in epics at best. Hence, Peter is one of the rare actors who is known for multiple legendary roles like Sir Ian Murray McKellen CH CBE has done.

From luxury cars to villas, Peter has a mix of everything and it is what makes him a cut above the rest. He lived in Mendham Township and Morristown before finding a home in New York. Not just that, Peter does have a huge villa in California. But most of the time, he does like to live in New York.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth
Peter Dinklage Net Worth – winning award

He does like to drive sedan luxury cars. As of 2023, he does have 7 cars in total. It has a mix of sedans, SUVs and sports cars. But from the angle of fashion, he is not too keen on buying only luxury goods.

Talking about sharing wealth, Peter does take part in several charity events and he does help people from all over the world as much as it is possible for him.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth – How Games Of Throne did change his career forever

It is fair to say that Peter Dinklage’s life did change after Games Of Thrones. He did play the famous role of Tyrion Lannister. The role became famous that many people class him as Tyrion Lannister and searched for his net worth. This does show a lot about how a show can change life. Peter Dinklage’s net worth before Games Of Thrones was just 2 million. But now it is around 30 million USD.

This does tell the power of the most famous show ever. The show did run for several years and it opened games of money for Peter. From comedy to serious roles, Peter is capable of doing everything. It is the reason he has done a host of work in many fields.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth  – Marriage Life

Peter Dinklage Net Worth is a comfort for his family. As his wife Erica Schmidt is a respected theatre director. She is respected for directing DEBBIE DOES DALLAS. The height of Peter is way smaller than his wife’s. Hence, many do find the pairing very cute. They did marry in 2005 and since then, they have become a power couple.

As they both are skilled artists, there is a feeling most big Hollywood projects need him.  Even her wife Erica Schmidt‘s net worth is estimated at around USD 1 million. But she is not a wife who likes to spend too much money on luxury goods. It shows how grounded she is.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth Professional Career Making An Impact

It is fair to say that Peter Dinklage career as an actor has made his net worth around 30 million. But he is a prime example that for making even a bigger impact, it is crucial to learn first at the theatre and then come to the big screen. The Station Agent in 2003 and the Games Of Throne series made him famous all over the world and hence, Peter has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards which are very hard to get. His work has made one thing clear to Hollywood nerds every movie where Peter plays a role, it is indeed going to be fantastic.

Social Media

He has millions of followers across social media. Look at the Instagram of  Peter and one would find that he is in love with cinematic art. He is not a celeb who is more into brand promotion than Insta. It is all about her love for the cinema for him. His Insta link.


Q Is Peter Dinklage married with children?

Peter Dinklage married to Erica Schmidt in 2005. And the pair is blessed to have two children daughter born in 2011 and a son born in 2017. But the pair has not shared the names of their children.

Q Is Peter Dinklage’s wife an actress?

Peter Dinklage’s wife Erica Schmidt is one of the most celebrated playwright and theatre directors.

Q How old was Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones?

Peter Dinklage was born on 11 June 1969. It means that he is 54 years old as of 2023.

Q What popular fantasy drama starring Peter Dinklage?

Peter Dinklage’s best work is known from Game of Thrones, which is one of the most famous series.


  • Peter Dinklage is blessed to have a son and a daughter. But he has not shared the names of his children yet to the public.
  • Peter likes to swim, play at the theatre and spend time with his family.
  • He grew up as a fan of theatre artists and Hollywood celebs.
  • His parents are John Carl Dinklage and Diane Dinklage. John worked as a Salesperson and mother Diane was a teacher at school.
  • Peter’s was bullied for his short height.
  • He stands 4 feet and 5 inches.
  • The mega actor’s weight is 50 kg or 110 Ibs mostly.
  • His eye colour is green and his hair colour is black.
  • His brother Jonathan Dinklage is an actor also.
  • Peter did marry his wife in 2005 and many say it was the biggest change in her life.

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