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Isaiah Stannard

Hello readers today we are talking about a topic that would let us know about a creative person who has indeed made an impact very early and kind of became rich and independent as a kid.

And the name of the person is Isaiah Stannard. If you have not seen him ever, we would like to tell you that Isaiah is a personality worth knowing. Hence, here we are telling you in detail about Isaiah. So read this biography and know in detail about Isaiah in deep.

Isaiah Stannard Bio

Isaiah Stannard is a famous American actor and singer who is known for playing Ben in Good Girls. This was the American show that made him famous. Isaiah was born on 1 October 2004 in Manhattan, New York, United States. The meaning of his name is “Salvation of the Lord”. He is 18 years old. He comes from Irish descent.

The American actor Isaiah has Libra as his Western zodiac sign. The nationality of Isaiah is American. He and his family follow the Christian religion. He was born into a very prosperous family.  

Physical Stats of Isaiah Stannard

  • Isaiah Stannard stands for 5 feet and 4 inches.
  • Most of the time, the American actor weighs around 60 kg.
  • 44-34-38 inches are the body measurements of Isaiah.
  • The feet size of Isaiah is 8 (US).
  • Stannard is known to have brown eyes and blonde hair.
  • As of 2023, he has not put any tattoos.
  • Stannard does not have any news of doing cosmetic surgeries.

Isaiah Stannard – Family Members

Isaiah Stannard has Kristin Johansen as his mother and Eric Stannard as his father. He is the only born of Kristin and Eric and does not have any siblings. Isaiah did spend his childhood in a family of three people. Right from a very young age, he did have a passion for singing and acting. And this was the reason Isaiah’s parents did help him to find a way in the acting world. This does show a lot about Isaiah and what makes him the pampered child of the family.

Isaiah Stannard Early Life

Isaiah Stannard did life most of his childhood in New York. Thanks to his parents, Isaiah did enjoy his childhood days to the best of levels. He did like a lot to go to WWE, NBA, NFL and NHL games with his father and mother. Other than that, Isaiah was a nerd in learning acting and singing. He liked to eat pizza from a very young age. Isaiah wanted to eat tacos from a very young.

He did also like spending time with his friends a lot. He was kind of one of those boys who wanted to become a known name right from a young age.

Isaiah Stannard – Education

Isaiah Stannard did start his education in New York. From school time, he used to take part in acting, dancing and singing competitions a lot. He did get his

primary schooling in New York only. Not many know – but Isaiah did go to have high-class school. It is a fact that living in NYC is very expensive and Isaiah’s family is stable and it did support him to live the best life in New York.

Isaiah Stannard Professional Career

Isaiah Stannard did make his professional career in 2015. It was Star Stuff: A Story of Carl Sagan where he gave the voice of Carl Sagan. Two years later, he did make his acting debut in a film named Brad’s Status. He did play the role of Tween One. In the same year (2017), Isaiah worked for a film named Party Dress as Harper Klein. And 2019, he did work in 5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar in the role of Sam.

Isaiah Stannard
Isaiah Stannard’s image with his mother

But his biggest work started for a TV show where he started to work for Good Girls in 2018 until 2021. It was a regular series, playing the role of Sadie Marks / Ben Marks. And in Genera+ion (2021), he did appear in the first episode as Evan.

Other than acting ability, Isaiah was known for his singing ability. It makes him a mix of both, acting and singing.

Social Media

Isaiah Stannard’s impact on Insta is the best, with 165K followers. Coming from Irish roots, he does represent the culture at best. One can see the golden moments of his life on Insta. And on Twitter, Isaiah’s account does not work now due to some internal reasons. But all one can know a lot about him from Insta.

Net Worth

Isaiah Stannard’s net worth stands at USD 1 million as of 2023. He is indeed a rich person who has earned all this money from his acting journey. He owns luxury cars, watches, homes and more. You name it and he would have a version. He has also seen taking part in helping others also.


Q Who is Isaiah Stannard?

Isaiah Stannard is a rising American actor and singer.

Q Who is Isaiah Stannard?

Isaiah Stannard’s girlfriend’s info is not available as he likes to keep it personal.

Q How old is Isaiah Stannard?

Isaiah Stannard is 18 years old, having born on 1 October 2004?

Q What is Isaiah Stannard’s birthplace?

Manhattan, New York, United States, is the Isaiah’s birthplace.

Q What is Isaiah Stannard’s religion?

Isaiah Stannard’s belief is in Christianity and Lord Jesus.


  • Isaiah Stannard’s acting career or film career started back in 2015
  • Isaiah is most known for working in the TV series Good Girls.
  • Stannard is good at both acting and singing.
  • Stannard’s childhood was in New York mostly.
  • He loved eating Tacos and pizza as a child.
  • Stannard does not smoke but likes to drink.
  • Isaiah likes to spend time near beaches.
  • White and black are the colours Isaiah likes the most.
  • Isaiah does not to dive a car or ride a motorbike.
  • Isaiah likes to swim a lot.

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