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Harley Rodriguez

Hello our good readers, today we are talking about a topic that you would like to learn a lot many things about. This topic is something that would make you feel how hard work can make a good living. And today we are talking about actor Harley Rodriguez.

He is a huge part of the LGBTQ + community, thanks to his association with Jonathan Knight who is a famous singer. His rise does make the LGBTQ + community feel that there are strong voices in the market who do work hard to make the community build in a better manner.  

Harley Rodriguez Bio

Harley Rodriguez is an American actor who came to this world on 22 April 1973 in Downey, California, United States. 22 April means that his zodiac sign is Taurus and his nationality is American. Harley does represent Latin ethnic groups. Rodriguez does follow the Christian religion. He is known as an actor and model. However, the reason behind his fame is also a long-term association with Jonathan Knight, who became his partner officially in 2015.

Harley Rodriguez Physical Stats

  • Harley Rodriguez stands for 5 feet and 7 inches tall.
  • The actor does weigh around 64 kg.
  • Harley comes up with dark brown eyes and hair.
  • Harley likes to play around with tattoos on his body.
  • He has done a bit of cosmetic surgery.
  • The feet size of a Harley is 9 (US).
  • Harley is a fitness trainer, so yes he takes care of his body well.

Harley Rodriguez Early Life

It was in Downey, California, United States, where Harley Rodriguez was born. He came from a very working-class background. During his school days, he did not say that he is the guy. Otherwise, it would have seen him getting bullied at that time because then, society was not ready for such things at all to the level they are now. He did like to watch the movies, go to concerts, have fast food and do a bunch of other things that kids did like back then. Not to forget that he was in mad love with professional wrestling also. Other than that, he did like to watch American Football (NFL) and Basketball (NBA) from the comfort of home.

Harley Rodriguez Parents

Jairo Rodriguez is the father of Harley and Leyla Rodriguez is her mother. He did grow up with a brother Fabian and a sister Julienne. They all grew up in a family of 5 members. They did live in Downey, California, United States.

Harley Rodriguez
Harley Rodriguez with his partner

He is a very family-oriented person and puts family first ahead of any other thing. It shows how much they love each other as siblings and family. One just needs to look at the Insta of Jairo to get an idea about how family-oriented Jairo is.

Harley Rodriguez Partner

Harley Rodriguez is a partner of Jonathan Knight since 2015. They did meet at a common friends’ party and fell in love. Now they have become one the most known Hollywood gay couples of the 21st century. They do not have kids yet and the pair have shared their concerns about it. Possibly, one can see them coming up with the baby news in the coming years. Harley and Jonathan do set great examples to follow that it is great to come out as one of the LGBTQ + couples. The pair have even a Lab dog named Oliver. They did marry in 2022 in a private ceremony.

Harley Rodriguez Professional

Harley Rodriguez is an actor and fitness trainer. He is known for his roles in Sweet Valley High, Cake Boy, Price of Glory and VIP. These are the work he has been known for. But other than that, Harley has not done much work as an actor. But he has done a ton of modelling work. He is a Fitness Trainer, so it has been kind of his profession. Harley is a Barry’s Boston Instructor. He is a very famous Fitness Trainer, who never runs short of work.

Social Media

Harley Rodriguez likes to use TikTok and Instagram as two of the leading social media platforms. His popularity is good on Instagram with 44.6K followers. He does have a good number of followers on TikTok. One can see his love for family and dogs on Instagram.

Net Worth

Harley Rodriguez has a net worth of USD 1 million. He is a rich man who has luxury cars, a great place to live and a host of other things. His partner Jonathan Knight has a net worth of USD 15 million as of 2023. This does show how rich Jonathan is and it does have Harley in a way.

Partner Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight is a famous American singer. The American singer is famous as New Kids on the Block band member. Jonathan came to this world on 29 November 1968 in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Jordan Knight is his sibling and Marlene Putnam and Allan Knight are his parents of Jonathan. He comes under the pop genre. Since 1994, he has been working hard. He is a veteran singer who is known for his great voice and mega looks. Back in the 1990s, the girls used to be mad at him.


Q Who is Harley Rodriguez?

Harley Rodriguez is an American actor and model.

Q Who is Jonathan Knight partner?

Harley Rodriguez’s partner is Jonathan Knight. They did marry in 2022.

Q What is net worth of Harley Rodriguez?

Harley Rodriguez’s net worth is estimated at around USD 1 million.

Q What is net worth of Jonathan Knight?

As of 2023, Jonathan Knight’s net worth is 15 million USD.

Q How old is Harley Rodriguez?

Harley Rodriguez is 50 years old as of 2023.


  • Harley Rodriguez’s hobbies are singing, dancing, swimming and more.
  • Harley does know how to drive a car and motorbike.
  • He is in great love with swimming since the age of 12.
  • Harley likes to drink beer the most. But Harley does not have smoking habits.
  • Harley likes red and white colours the most.
  • Rodriguez loves to watch soccer, basketball and American football.
  • Harley likes to read books a lot.
  • Netflix is the beloved OTT platform of Harley Rodriguez.
  • He is known for his acting ability.
  • Harley is a huge dog lover.
  • Harley does eat non-veg food and likes to eat Mexican food mostly.

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