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Hello readers your wish is our command as we are bringing you things you should know about 9kmovies. So stick with us as this article is sufficient to tell you everything one should know.

It would be fair to start with that 9kmovies is a hub for the latest movies, series and TV shows. The ability to provide content in HD does make it far ahead of any other torrent website. This is why there are millions of people do search for multiple keywords of the content on Google. This statement comes from the data seen on Aherfs.  

The very point does suggest that there are millions of people who do like to download the content for free. And at the same time, a person has the option to watch movies, TV shows, series and more online. This does tell a lot about how a pirated website has made an impact with so many features and a fast pace of uploading content soon after it comes to the big cinema or OTT.

They do record 99 per cent of the content the world wants to see from Bollywood to Hollywood. The data from SEO platforms do suggest that the website takes its focus around the Indian subcontinent by featuring South Indian cinema and more on the platform with the help of dual audio and dubbed movies.

It is also known as 9kmovie. Hence,if you are thinking there is a difference, then it is not the truth.

9kmovies – Hub for Indian content

The reason behind 9kmovie is famous in India is the fact that it has all covered up for the diverse Indian people. Not just Bollywood (Hindi), they do equally pay emphasis Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi and more. But these are some of the leading industries that do upload the content. It does help them to provide content in dual audio and dubbed movies, series and TV shows.

They now take a lot content from various OTT platforms and sell them without asking permission and it makes them earn a lot of money. However, it is a negative point for the makers who make the original content.

This does tell a lot about the deep roots of Indian cinema and how they use it for making sure that they can leak the content and make money out it.

9kmovies – How do they make money?

9kmovies is a pirated website and hence, Google ads do not back them at all. Hence, they do make deals with the brands and post their videos with the help of self-creating channels. Hence while visiting their website, on every click they do open a pop-up ad and this is what makes them earn a lot of money.

Best of 9kmovies

As they do not pay a penny for buying the license of content from makers, it is fair to say that they do make all the money without much investment. As millions of people do visit the website in a month, it does make them a very profitable venture.

9kmovies – How to download movies from website?

It is very simple to download a movie/content from 9k movies.

It starts with typing the name 9kmovies on a browser. After that go into the first link and it will open the page you want. You can select the content from the home page or you can search on the bar.

After that it will open the final page, where there will be option to download the film. Click on the resolution you want to download the film and after some seconds, the movie will start to download.

But you do have the option to watch the film online. As the internet speed is good in most places, there is an option to watch the movie also. From 9kmovies 2022 to 2023, one thing is clear that they are uploading latest content very fast.  

9kmovies – Why they change the website URL?

A common question comes that why 9kmovies change their URL. It does make users enter the keyword on the search bar and then go on to the website rather than entering the URL straight. As they get banned by the Indian government and officials all over the world, they do come up with new URLs, so the website would never go down. This is how they stay in the market forever and does not see the website going down. 9kmovies’ new link is something people do always look for watching the latest content.

Here are some of the URLs they have used…

  • 9kmovies in
  • 9kmovies com
  • 9kmovies guru
  • 9kmovies cyou
  • 9kmovies host
  • 9kmovie in
  • 9kmovie com
  • 9kmovie. Com
  • 9kmovie .in

These are some of the links that they have used and there are other links also they do keep on coming up with the URLs for their survival.

9kmovies App

The 9kmovies app does work very well. And the best part is that the app does not get banned by the government. But it is not available on Play Store or AppStore because it is a pirated platform. But they have the APK which is available on Google.

So just type 9kmovies APK and Google and there will be a host of websites providing the APK to download. After just downloading the APK, you can install the app and it will work on the smart device very well.  

But it is wise to know that 9kmovies is a third-party website and hence, using it is not a good idea.

Other alternatives of 9kmovies

9kmovies does work most of the time but if it does not then there are some other websites like this and they do work in the same manner…There are many but we are giving you some which are very close to 9kmovie…

  • Vegamovies
  • Pagalworld
  • Skymovieshd
  • Malluvilla.in
  • Bolly4u
  • TheKhatrimaza.com
  • DownloadHub

Legal alternatives – 9kmovies

9kmovies is illegal but there are many legal alternatives and it is the place where 9kmovie does take their content.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Jio Cinema
  • TVF Player
  • Zee5
  • Hotstar
  • Ullu TV
  • Alt Balaji

These are some of the most famous OTT platforms and there are many others also. But they do cover almost 99 per cent of the content one do watch at 9kmovie. The only difference is that 9kmovies does upload the movie just a day after it releases.

9kmovies – Picture quality and download

9kmovies does have best of picture quality to download such as 240p, 360p, 480p, 640p, 1080p (HD) and more. They do have the movie file size download from 300 MB. The size of the movie or series goes to 3 GB and more. This does tell that they are following the best standards of the industry.

Is 9kmovie legal?

Not at all, 9kmovies is not legal because they do not take permission from the makers before leaking the content. This is why the government of India, the United States and around the world have banned the website. As it is a third-party website, it is not safe to use. But one can also say that there are millions of users who do use the website and nothing wrong happens to them. But it can take that one bad day for letting malware entering into your system from the gateway of the virus.

Positives and Negatives with 9kmovies


  • 9kmovies does have content to download for free.
  • Most of their download links work well.
  • They use the SSL certificate for website security.
  • 9kmovie does upload the latest movies very fast.
  • They are very good with the UI of the website, so the viewers can understand it.
  • The makers do not ask to add any bank details or personal information.
  • The download does work most of the time.


  • The website is pirated.
  • It has been banned by governments all over the world.  
  • It can lead to malware viruses entering your system.
  • A website like this can track you down very easily.
  • It is a website that is promoting pirated content.
  • There are too much of pop ads on the website.
  • Some of the ads are 18 plus.
  • It is the website which comes under the torrent banner.

9kmovies Telegram Links

9kmovies does use the links on Telegram groups to promote their website to the masses. They are using the loopholes in Telegram for making sure that 9kmovie can spread the new movie links and it can push the website ahead in getting huge numbers. This is what tells the power of social media and how it is helping in leaking links.


9kmovie is a website that does upload content for free, helping users download the content in HD. It does show the fact that people are still downloading movies for free and the cost of living can be a crucial reason behind it. It has helped 9kmovies to make millions of dollars. This is why it is crucial to know every factor before using such a website.


Q Can I download all movies from 9kmovie?

Yes, one can download an unlimited number of movies and series from 9kmovie.  

Q Who owns 9kmovies?

9kmovies owner/owners do not tell the their names as they run the pirated website.

Q Is 9kmovie free?

Yes, 9kmovie is free to download or watch the movie.

Q Is 9kmovie safe?

9kmovie has been used by many but it is not totally safe, being a third-party website.

Q Should I use 9kmovie?

It is up to you if you want to use the 9kmovie.


9kmovies is a pirated website and it is not safe to use and hence, we are against such website. In this article, we have used our knowledge so that the users can know everything about the website so the internet can become a safer place.

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