Selling, servicing, and installing safes for about 15 years!

The safe is your last layer of defense in any security system. If every thing else fails, the safe will be the only thing preventing a total loss. The Safe Movers has been selling, servicing, and installing safes for about 15 years. A safe purchase is a once in a life time investment if done correctly. The Safe Movers has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.

There are many types of safes with many types of ratings that are established by underwriters laboratory. The insurance companies use these ratings as guidelines for establishing coverage of the contents you are protecting. There may be a discount on your rates if the safe meets the insurance companies requirements. Always check with the insurance company first, it may save you money in the future. Experience the piece of mind knowing your valuables are safe and enjoy the convenience of having them available when you choose, not on a banks schedule.