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The Safe Movers’ standard and custom products are designed for lifting, moving and positioning a wide range of safes. No other load carrier system provides the level of ease and reliability of The Safe Movers’ solution.

The Safe Movers’ employees offer a variety of talents from engineering and technical support, to manufacturing and world-class customer service. Our staff is proud to be part of a company that provides leading edge solutions that solve a wide variety of challenges in load movement. Contact us directly to have our highly experienced team recommend just the right system to meet your specific needs.

Moving and need your safe moved too but it is too heavy? We professionally move safes of all sizes. We will come out and unbolt your safe from the floor (if your safe is bolted down). We can safely move your safe from your old home or business, and deliver it to your new home or new commercial space. Once your safe is moved we can anchor most safes to the floor at your new place.